Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fashion Transitions

With a baby in tow and changing seasons, it's time for a fashion change.
I now have complex requirements for anything I wear. My dress/top has to be nursing friendly (read: either buttoned-down, crossover neck, or a top that's easily pulled up without exposing a lot); my jewelry has to be minimal (M likes to pull on necklaces so they have to be sturdy or large enough he can't choke on the beads, and big earrings are a little scary right now); and although I still refuse to give up heels it makes more sense to rock it in flats when possible.
So my compromise:
  • Target bohemian dress with slip (loose-fit and buttons down)
  • Steve Madden boots (a built-in 1-in heel)
  • World Market brass necklace and bracelet (necklace tied in a knot to make it shorter, bracelet became a teething toy later on)


Erin said...

You look GREAT! I've been looking for a dress similar to that to wear with my cowboy boots.

Tiffany Norris said...

Love the boots!

{Amanda} said...

thanks ya'll! I've wanted some flat slouch boots for a while...just found them at DSW. of course I'm a couple of years behind.

Urn, the dress was $25 @ Tar-jhay