Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reuse Recycle Redecorate

The sunroom/office furniture issue has been an issue of concern for a while. What to do...which pieces should I keep...do I start from scratch...

Well, I actually listed my furniture on Craigslist a month ago in anticipation of a complete room redo with new furniture and a blank slate. I've had several inquiries and 2 decent offers; however, with security issues (I don't want random strangers walking in my home to look at the furniture), a budget, and practical second thoughts, I've decided to try and restyle my room redo with things I already have rather than go "new."

So yep, I'm attempting something that I don't really care for...SLIPCOVERS.
I hesitate in doing slipcovers because I rarely see them look decent. But my mom pointed out that if I'm going all whites/creams/naturals, then with a baby I most certainly need to look for washable/bleachable/removable.

I also felt better about slipcovers after reading this blog- Life in the Fun Lane. She's done her house in all whites and I felt inspired for this project. I noticed the middle pleat in her slipcovered sofa doesn't quite stay put which just happens naturally with slipcovers. But with the way she styled the room, it's negligible. Since I'm going for a very casual look too, I suppose this will fit the bill...definitely fits the budget. Which by the way I reduced to <$500 for the entire room.


Julianna said...

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{Amanda} said...

thank you for sharing Julianna, I'll have to check that site out =)