Sunday, September 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Last week I went down to the Big Easy. I'd never been so I was excited to experience a new place and see about all this hype of NOLA.

But after visiting, I just don't get the city's appeal. I stayed in the historic Garden District (off St. Charles), and it still seemed dirty and unkempt. The French Quarter looked like a lot of the places were no longer opened (don't know if this is a result of Katrina). And I went with a business agenda so I only drove by to see what Bourbon Street looked like; I wouldn't have wanted to visit it alone anyhow. Now grant it, the architecture is pretty cool and the historical sites were attractive, but it'd definitely be a place that I'd only want to visit for 2 or 3 days at a time. I think the neatest areas were the Warehouse/Arts District and of course the Garden District. The French Quarter...well you can take it or leave it. Of course the weather didn't help my opinion of my stay either as it was overcast and groggy...blehhhck!

Sorry to rant on about 'Nawlins for those who love the city. Just wasn't my taste.

After a long trip (yes I drove and only stopped once each way during my 11 hour total trip) it sure was good to see my home state...
...Oh and this guy too!


Amy Dos said...

I LOVED this on Zeke! Aren't those so handsome!

{Amanda} said...

yep, sadly he's worn it twice and I think he's outgrown it (and the navy one too!)