Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Junk Find

I really enjoy great bargains, good finds, and especially old pieces with history and character...BUT I'm not so diligent about thrift-store shopping or junk-shop hunting.

However, with my last trip to the thrift-store, it proved to have a huge payoff so I may be taking Baby M "junking" more often. My found Objet d'Histoire was an antique Victrola Record Player Cabinet . From what I found Online, these restored cabinets can begin at an upwards of $400 even without the player {this one doesn't have the record player so it's being used strictly as a furniture cabinet}.

So... you might be wondering, "How much was it?"

Well my friends, it was marked a lovely $75...with a special sticker notation showing this particular day of my visit that it was an additional 75% off. Yep, I got it for $18.75 {plus tax}. SCORE!

It's now sitting in my kitchen as a cookbook cabinet, which works perfectly as my kitchen island had to be emptied so Baby M couldn't demolish my things.

Now grant it, there is still work to be done. The top veneer piece came off in transit and the front doors definitely work. But it's nothing that a little wood glue and TLC can't fix. And for less than $20, it was worth every penny!

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