Thursday, January 7, 2010

How's 2010?

Happy New Year!

We're still alive...I promise! In fact, we're not only alive, but doing exceptionally well. Which, unfortunately for this blog means I've neglected to post updates, pictures, and my random blurbs.

Here's a quick Gypsy & Baby M synopsis:
  • For Christmas, we had a lovely break visiting my parents in Oklahoma {posts below HERE and HERE}.
  • New Year's was rung in with a fun little get-together at the house {HERE}
  • Baby M and I have enjoyed meeting and getting to know new friends {post to come}

Style and Design-wise with posts to come:

  • The sunroom/office is finally shaping up...after 4 months {HERE}
  • I have a fun thrift-store find to share {HERE}
  • And I have planning ideas for Baby M's birthday party {to be posted shortly on my bump blog}. I finally picked a theme!

So, this is officially my first post of the year.

Blessings and happiness to you all in 2010!

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