Monday, January 11, 2010

Out With the Old

Out with the OLD...
...and in with the NEW
I have a decent list of "To Do"s still, but these photos share progress of how the room is coming along. I also have an art project for behind the sofa, but reusing this old iron artwork suits me fine for now.
One of my favorite nooks is to the right of my desk. Everything is now nicely and neatly organized after purchasing more containers: bookshelf @ $25; 2 canvas bins @ $8 each; 2 letter boxes with lids @ $6 each; 1 disk container @ $6 {all from WalMart}
And then I removed most of my brightly colored accessories except for a few green and yellow items on the built-in bookcase. I know I still need to work on styling the bottom shelf...but love that mirror.
It's taken me forever and a day to get to this point, but I'm pleased with the direction so far. My sunroom/office has become my personal place of solace. Mason for the most part finds it boring because I've hidden cords, it's mostly color-less, and I'm keeping it free of plastic {aka baby toys}. The skylights and casement windows seem brighter with a mostly-white room now too. Yay!

  • Frame my lovely Anne Harwell prints for the wall behind the rocking chair
  • Recover the rocking chair cushion in burlap
  • Buy a new office chair: still determining whether to go Ghost Louis, a simple white tulip chair, or even a clear acrylic cradle chair
  • Make burlap curtains {to keep Baby M from being tempted to see Mommy when he gets older and realizes that's my workspace}
  • Paint the 2 accent tables a distressed white
  • Art project for behind the sofa
  • Find a new globe for the broken ceiling fan {Oops}


Jamie Grizzle said...

It is looking great! I especially love your "work" corner. It is so neat and know how I love stuff like that! What a great way to start off the new year.

Very bright and sunny!

{Amanda} said...

thanks Sweet Girl! there's definitely more work to be done, but it's a much more functional space AND it's my own and all =)