Thursday, January 21, 2010

So This Week...

I hung around Saturday, and had some fun:

But I avoided the gym and haven't run:

The week's been productive with lots of work done:
This weekend I host a shower for the Bun:

It's been a GOOD week. Not one without its challenges, but it's been good. And I have many blessings to count...too many to count actually.

  • Rock climbing was a blast. My forceps are still sore.
  • My Starck chair came's everything I was hoping it would be {isn't it lovely in my home office!}
  • Family, friendships, and relationships are great.
  • And Pink Pimpette is gonna have her baby SOON!


We are BLESSED. said...

YES, the chair is total awesomeness. It's like, invisible! Guess that's why they are called ghost chairs. Love it.

{Amanda} said...

Haha! THANK YOU & Yes, I'm totally digging the invisible chair too ;) it's way more modern than I thought I'd ever go, but somehow it just works.

Tiffany Norris said...

I like the poem. :) And the chair looks really nice in your office!

{Amanda} said...

thanks Tiff!

I'm just now remembering that one yesterday, not so long ago, I USED to be a runner =(

your workout regimen inspires me!