Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pretty Ugly

Buckeye Belle's beautifully organized home has definitely inspired me to get my kitchen cabinets and pantry-space in order.

So while my re-org is not in BB style, I'm able to have a much cleaner view of what's in-stock in my kitchen. *Note* My small infant child tends to reach into the bottom 2 shelves to rearrange things for his Mommy...notice the slight contrast in these shelves' "organization." I'm jus sayin' ...

Gotta love those large Rubbermaid {nonbreakable!} clear containers for $1.88 each at WalMart.
{haha, just now noticing this bottom shelf that I can't blame on Baby M...disregard the chips section; I don't typically have them in my pantry}
NOW, what I must really confess is that this post is for my own benefit. Inspiration for me to tackle the scary ugly mess that is my room. Check out that horrible closet!
Now, who in the world let the Mess Fairy screw with my bedroom?
Yep. It's real life though...


Jamie Grizzle said...

You are too kind. I wish I were as organized as you think I am. My pantry is oragnized, but my bedroom, bathroom and closet are atrocious!

Your cupboards and pantry look great though! I love the organizer on the back of your pantry door. I want to get some of those!

{Amanda} said...

Jamie Michele, I don't believe for one minute that any part of your house is atrocious! I think that word must be "subjective"...your version of a mess is likely much less than mine.