Friday, June 27, 2008

F is for Friday... Fried... & Forever 21

I'm exhausted and ready for the weekend break. Hurrah for Fridays!

Last Wednesday evening, a brief lightning storm passed through and my laptop was plugged into an outlet at the time...without a surge protector (no solicitation of lectures!).

So how do you like your Dell..........fried?

This is the carnage post-Dell Support Call where I was instructed on how to disassemble the laptop and check the hardware.

This snafu was especially disheartening as I had to travel to Atlanta on Thursday (the next morning) and would be out-of-pocket for a technician that day...all this with a major work deadline due Friday (today).

But Never Fear! I was able to go to the Library this morning and use a computer at the "Technology Hub" for free. I completed the proposal on time- double Hurrah!

I even felt good prancing into the Library this morning with my super-casual summer Friday, new Forever 21 duds: jade dress, $15.80 and humongous purse that fit all my work papers, $34.80 ; Banana Republic denim jacket & J.Crew metallic thongs.

It's so simple, but sometimes the best first step to take for solving problems is to first feel your best.

It's now the weekend...and in many ways, no more "F"s


The Grizzles said...

Love it! Clever little are good!

laceyJ. said...

I definitely agree! Darling outfit!

{Amanda} said...

thank y'all! =)