Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Oh the Horror

I eat at my desk.

Not the most clean & sanitary way of enjoying my meals and snacks...but so what. That's one of the perks of working at home.

This morning I was enjoying my coffee and a Chewy Granola Bar- chocolate chip with 25% less sugar- they're good for you (haha!).

Somehow while I was indulging in the chocolatey goodness, a chip managed to fall and melt on my right leg. I sit indian-style in my office chair just because it's more comfy.

When I went to throw away my wrapper, I looked down...and for a brief second saw the black lump on my leg and screeched because in my mind a leech had somehow found its way out of water, onto my leg, and this parasite sucker was draining me of my precious bodily fluids.

Yeah, my mind can get a little creative sometimes.
(more to come on my home office...)


The Grizzles said...

I sit indian-style at my desk too! I also do it in the car (sometimes while driving), on the couch, at the dinner table, at the movies...basically whenever I sit down. Very ladylike, I know!

{Amanda} said...

can't beat cross-legged, comfy-feeling, indian-style =) it's nostalgic... it's a simple peace

it's probably not ladylike, but you can't deny it's childlike. no shame in that!

...seriously when you're driving???
buckeye belle- what am i gonna do with you?!?!