Wednesday, July 9, 2008

She's Going the Distance

Lackadaisical Holiday- Last weekend I took a fat, lazy break. I pigged out all weekend, laid around watching movies...I think I only emerged from my hermit's nest once on Saturday and then for church on Sunday. And although I worked on Monday, I think a bit of the Holiday fever still spilled over to that day. No running for me.

And then last night, there was that nasty feeling where I just dreaded getting my rapidly growing backside into almost-too-small running shorts to give it a go at the gym again. Who wants to run 5 miles when you know you'll be carrying at least an additional 5-7 lbs from the weekend binge?

But when I arrived, somehow, there was a random burst of energy. And I ran EIGHT miles easily. Well, it was an average snail's pace of 8'46" per mi. But I do want to add that the only reason I stopped running was because the endorphin high was wearing off a bit and I started to get bored from about mile 7 on.

I know for you serious runners out there, this is a paltry feat, but it was huge for me!
The last time I ran 8 miles was actually with Abercrombie Model my junior year of college...gosh that was 7 years ago. And I'd gotten blisters then from a combination of bad socks and old tennies. But not last night. I felt like a warrior!

Speaking of serious runners, when I bought my new shoes at the Trak Shak a couple of weeks ago, I met a preggers runner (well she was only 6.5 wks along) who's still running at 70 miles a week at a ridiculously fast pace of 7 min/mi!!!


::The Grizzles:: said...

Way to go! I don't even like to DRIVE 8 miles. That is awesome!

How are you liking your new Trak Shak shoes?

{Amanda} said...

ohhh they're the exact same ones i had before...only a new pair. yeah, i'm boring =)

have you had your week of running yet? is it time to get to the shak?

also, what on earth are we ever to do with all those tennis outfits we bought? that was from 3 years ago! too bad the tennis pro (aka sick manchild) didn't work out. hehe