Friday, July 11, 2008

Silver White Winters That Melt Into Springs...

These are a few of my favorite things
1. Not Being Average: I remember being young and wanting to feel like I fit-in and was "normal," just like everybody else. Thank goodness that was just a phase! It's not that I now purposefully do things against the norm or social mores, but I certainly have reached a point where I'm very comfortable with who I am, what I believe in, where I'm going, and realizing there's always growth and changes to even that.

2. Fresh Flowers: I've been splurging lately. It started out with the 2-dozen white roses on sale at Whole Foods. Then I fell for the white hydrangeas 3 weeks in a row. White flowers really tend to pop in my Living Room with the background collection of white found items in the black built-ins.
3. Unexpected Packages: My boss sent me a great CD mix of Blues music. I had mentioned before how much I liked Big Daddy O, who he had introduced me to back in May. I thought the package was just some work papers, but what a nice surprise!

4. Planning Parties: I love to host parties and in a little more than a month, Pink Pimpette is marrying my brother. So I'm hosting her Bridal Shower and am excited to plan everything out!

5. Avocados: My favorite fruit. Mom makes regular chicken salad and then halves avocados and serves the salad inside. I feel like "Bubba Green"- Let's see there's: avocado guacamole, avocado casserole, avocado salad, avocados plain, shrimp avocado, avocado soup, chicken salad avocado... Here's my avocado lunch yesterday {chicken salad=chicken, sweet relish, red onion, light mayo, honey mustard, slivered almonds}YUM

6. Barnes and Noble: I know, I know. Some people have their allegiance to the small, local, mom and pop book shops (I totally get the allure...remember "You've Got Mail"?) But with the larger chain, they're open until 11pm every night, they have a well-stocked cafe serving Starbucks coffees AND vanilla butter cream FAVE. As well as a plethora of books.
7. Limited Imagination: This sounds like a funny favorite, but it's really in relation to prayers and then how God answers them beyond what I ever could have brainstormed. I'm so thankful that I can't conceive the incredible blessings that await me.


Brie said...

i havent heard the word plethora in a while.

you're far from average...

i wasnt invited to the shower. :(

white is a good color seeing how you don't have much lighting in the living room.

love you!

{Amanda} said...

love you too BeeBee!

shower invites haven't been sent out yet (I'm waiting on the preacherman to email me back with times for the 10 yr anniversary so we can all attend both celebrations) also, you're already invited by default as a bridesmaid =)

and i do have lighting in the living room...i had those sconces installed, and i have 4 lamps in addition to the recessed lighting!

goober =)
when are you going to start blogging again?

Bobby and Sylvia said...

Avocados! I love, love, love them! I eat them plain- just split them in half, take out the core, and enjoy! YUMMO!