Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top Secret Tuesday- Part Deux

My Super Spy Little Guy and I used this homemade Disguise Kit {via Design Crush HERE} with free download {HERE}.
After cutting out all the pieces and arranging them on a wax paper face, I was vaguely reminded of something else {HERE}
Of course, Baby M pointed out that a "Bond...James Bond" name tag was a little too conspicuous...so he took his off.
Apparently the eyebrows weren't a hit either...
But the kid loved his spy magnifying glass...
We're having a fun spy celebration and it didn't cost a thing. We just cut out the free printable & I dragged out my trench coat, magnifying glass, and fedora {plus the Manolos...since I NEVER wear them anymore- every good spy girl has to have a pair!}
Oh and we also made some chocolate moustaches too!
Hope you're enjoying your Tuesday...ours is Top Secret!


Rachel said...

This is just adorable!!

Rachel said...

How fun!!! I wanna be a spy!!

{Amanda} said...

Thanks y'all-we had fun! As you can tell from the photos, it's a little early for the "dress-up" game, but he found the chocolate moustaches agreeable ;) AND it marked off one of our summer fun items too!