Friday, July 23, 2010

Mad Men

Mad Men's Series Premier is this Sunday. I've been trying to catch up with Season 3 On Demand...and am failing miserably as there's a certain man I've been "mad" about lately myself. Oh and that's absolutely not in the "angry sort of mad" way either! But back to topic...

The show's caveat is that the plot & scene rhythm may be a slower pace than what you'd typically see on a TV miniseries on say ABC or CBS. Patience is a virtue but I think it also stays true to the early 60s time period. One thing I cannot get over is the outstanding costume design...check out their gorgeous fashions!
I'm so glad that vintage is de rigueur!
Also, Banana Republic has Mad Men Style Guides in store...I'm tempted to drop by just to pick one up {shall I subject myself to the shopping temptation?}


Erin said...

I so want to dress like Betty Draper every day (although, if I had Joan's body, I'd probably wear a lot of her pencil dresses!)

{Amanda} said...

URN! I know...Betty has the bestest dresses. Oh to have her figure too. But yes, the curvaceous Joan has a nice form-fitting wardrobe as well!

If nothing else, I enjoy Mad Men for the styling- ha! =)