Friday, July 2, 2010

Light Touches

I've been wanting to make candle sleeves for some time as my light fixtures have been "nekked" for almost 3 years now!
I printed off a matching black and white chevron/zig-zag pattern.
And then measured the candlesticks so I'd know the size for each sleeve.
I cut out 6 rectangles and then used double-sided tape to make 6 paper cylinders.
Then I began to slip them onto each candlestick {notice the writing on the barren candlestick on the left}
It was a an easy transformation.
And just one of those tiny details that helps finish off the look.
Of course, then I realized my dining room lighting was in dire need of help too.
So I ripped another page from my Botanical Print book {Taschen, the same one used for the prints framed on the wall}. What an easy change!
Cheers to a fun & safe Fourth!


Erin said...

They look great! It's amazing the difference seemingly small changes can make.

Rachel said...

That is REALLY adorable! I'd never think about doing it, but what a great idea!

{Amanda} said...

Thanks y'all!!! It's super easy, removable, and just adds a hint of something extra. Fun stuff =)

Tiffany Norris said...

Love it! Been looking through your past three posts, and you are so creative! Good job!