Thursday, July 1, 2010

Potato Sack for the Mister

It all started with our trip to Tarj-shay {aka "Target"}. Mr. Potato Head was on clearance and although Mason's only 17 months, I decided to go ahead an snatch it up at ~$5.
And then of course that got my creative juices flowing and I was playing around with my ridiculous piles of colorful felts and some extra washcloths I'd already bought.
I centered Mr. PH on the washcloth and sewed all the pieces in place. At the end, I realized he was missing a part, so I added the moustache last minute.
Then I took a second washcloth and sewed the 2 cloths together wrong-side out {3 sides only & left the top open}
Then I turned the open top under 1" and sewed it down to create a place to thread the closing ribbon.
I took a pencil and taped the ribbon to the eraser and "fed" this through the 1" seam sewn.
I tied the ends of the ribbon together to create a gathered duffle closure and Voila!
My sewing skills definitely need some work {please excuse all the wonky stitching}, but this little guy was fun nonetheless!
And Baby M is totally digging his new veggie friend...and homemade bag!


Jamie Grizzle said...

I am totally going to have to copy this idea. In fact, I think I am heading to Target tonight. I love it!

Rachel said...

That is seriously the cutest thing ever!

{Amanda} said...

Do it Jamie Michele...Asher will love it! Rachel, you're so sweet. As a side note, it felt a little silly since Mr. PH has his own storage compartment in his backside...but it was too fun to not make ;)