Monday, July 12, 2010

Losing It

With all of the changes and transitions going on in life, I think it's high time I finally get that buff P90X body I've always wanted! {insert sarcastic smile}

Well, that would be if I knew I could stick with P90X...however, realistically I'm pretty sure I would probably only last a couple of weeks. Soooooo, as a compromise I just want to have a super hot body that will easily fit into my skinny jeans again and it doesn't have to be buff. Fair enough right?
Right before I was preggers, I was the most fit I'd been in years. And even when I was pregnant, I ran the furthest I had ever run at a little over 9 miles {well....that was until this last December when I ran a little more than 10 mi}. But since Baby M, I feel like it's been a particularly tough weight struggle and it took me an official 9 months to get back to my pre-preggers weight...and I've fluctuated up 6 lbs to date {blehck!}.

Two Years Ago: July 2008
But nonetheless, here's the benchmark photo at 9 weeks pregnant {although not showing yet...thankyouverymuch Baby M}
Today, July 2010
And 17 months post-partum {excuse the crazy hair}...
Zoinks- I feel like even my face looks different! *sigh* Maybe I would have changed with 2-years time anyway, but weight-wise I still have 15 lbs I'd love to lose to overcompensate for the other body that's the official goal. I'm posting it and it's high time I actually start kicking my own butt to get to that goal.

Watch out Skinny I come!


Rachel said...

You always motivate me so much! I for one, think you look fabulous, but I know how you feel. I too, have some weight I want to lose....I just don't know if I'm brave enough to post a picture of myself! ;o)

The Faucett's said...

Amanda- you have always been beautiful! I can't wait to see you and Mason on Friday.

{Amanda} said...

Rachel, this is sooooo for online accountability. Maybe one day I'll really be brave enough to post a FAT pic {blehck!}. I also refer back to some of these photos to track progress...we'll see!

Betty, it's been wayyyy too long- can't wait to see your sweet face! YAY!!!