Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ham, Tomatoes, Onions

Confession Time: I used to frequent the Farmer's Market almost every weekend, well if not every weekend. I'd be so proud to pick up local, fresh produce...and then at least 50% would inevitably go bad because I'd forget about it or would be unable to cook during the week. What a waste!

Sad story. True, but sad.

Last night I threw together a couple of homemade pizzas using tomatoes that were about to go bad, the last of my mozzarella, onions, and then sliced up some ham that expires in August. It was a sort of clean-the-pantry meal...but not too shabby!
We enjoyed a tasty pizza meal...
And then I made chocolate chip cookies from scratch- a lovely dessert ending!
The meal was relatively healthy...minus the cookies. But now that I'm on my health-kick and determined to lose 15, I'll be very vigilant about healthy homemade meals.

In similar news, today I'm proud to report that I saved $30 at Publix!

Healthier, cheaper, and less wasteful- Cheers to that!

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