Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Dating Record

A Record-Breaking April
  1. Increased my running to around 3.5/4 miles a day, 5 times a week

  2. Joined a gym to reap the benefits of cardio machines, weight training, a steamless sauna, and increased social interaction (otherwise I'm turning into a hermit)

  3. Upped my Dating Ante

Yes, that's right- I've bundled my dates to see how many I can fit into two weeks. It's kind of been fun actually as I have resolved to look at Dating as a Game (see below post) and want to simply enjoy myself in diverse company (I'm an equal opportunity Dater).

Here are my WOEs and WHOAS of the past two weeks (well, technically it's only been 1 1/2 weeks, and the end of week #2 is not up, but I've decided to lay low this weekend):

  • Sunday Movie: with Sick Manchild was relatively decent company filled with jabs of sarcasm and dry-witted humor... a great movie picked... albeit, a 15-yr old boy trapped in a 33-yr old body...we get along great, but three major things may be deal breakers: 1. no filter on that vulgar mouth of his // 2. his career decisions (or rather indecisions) are questionable as he's chosen a 30-hr job where his co-workers are still in high school // 3. he got me sick from the cold he had (no not from kissing, but he was coughing) and I haven't been sick in FOUR years
  • Wednesday Dinner at Sports Grille: was casual with Super Fan in a familial sort of way...I was pretty comfortable conversing, but most likely it was because I looked at him like a kid brother...his smaller, pre-pubescent stature and the way he carried himself made me feel quite giant-like both metaphorically and physically...nice kid guy though
  • Tuesday Southside Dinner: was a blind date set-up from a Dear Friend...I did the requisite Googling / Facebook & MySpace investigating prior to see what this guy's all about...Knight in Shining Armor's Online resume looks great, actually scratch that-he looks this date should be equally perfect, right?...sure, it might have been if I hadn't clammed up!...a 4-hour long double-date dinner with my aforementioned dear friend and I maybe said 6 words total...he must think I'm either the biggest snob OR the shyest girl ever (both UNTRUE), but I couldn't talk to him...he was too hot...and too perfect...and had all his priorities: God/family/life/career in order (well, at least on paper)...totally fudged this one up and according to dear friend, we "didn't click"
  • Wednesday Sushi Dinner in Atlanta: an unexpected dinner after Tuesday night's flop...received a call from Sick Manchild that he was traveling through town and I happened to already be in on business...needed respite from the last night's least we hit it off with our verbal spars and sarcastic jabs...still no filter on that mouth of his and he talks loudly in restaurants too

But my "date" tonight was a reconnect with a Friend who helped remind me that if I should become impatient in dating, God always provides. Sometimes we just seek the wrong thing.

So dating's not really a game to be's a part of life and life is an ADVENTURE


Mrs. Grizzle said...

Busy girl! You should come over for dinner one night next week...are you in town?

Amanda said...

Hey, I just saw this! Was out of town half of last week (Wed-Fri) and may be out again Thurs-Fri.