Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Party in the city where the heat is on...

One of my new favorite places to travel for business

...All Night on the Beach 'Til the Break of Dawn


  • You have to be prepared for the Geriatric Conventions filled with octogenarian couples migrated from New York/New can hear them from 5 miles away: "Louise! I just saw Bobby at the Beach Club the other day and he said that Myrtle and Rose and Gloria are..." Also, sometimes driving around them is a little scary. Sometimes walking around them is a little scary. But they crack me up!
  • There's the wrinkled, old souls and there are also the hard-bodied youth (sometimes Botox-induced). Sometimes you might see a little more than you want to see...hey it's Miami! Just be prepared to shield your child's eyes if you go to the top-optional section of South Beach.

Good Things:

  • Scenery & just the Ocean in general

  • South Beach / Boca Raton / West Palm / Deerfield Beach

  • Melting's an international port

  • Culture


  • Cuban Food

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