Monday, April 28, 2008

We Be Pimpin'

Saturday night, my brother's fiance Mary and I were sipping a caramel machiatto latte and an Earl Grey tea (with honey of course!) at our ever-favorite-Starbucks.
After sharing my Tales O' Dating she said, "Mandy, you need a PIMP CUP."

How great is she? Seriously? A pimp cup?

So with that, at 11pm on a Saturday night, we take a trip to WalMart, buy some pimpin' pink tiaras, drop some $ on our craft project, and indulge in some Warm Delights brownies. This is how we ROLL!

It was just good ole fashioned goofball fun. Blasted some old school rap music, spoke a little eubonics, bling-ed out our pimpette cups, and were just silly girls. Gosh, I love M'ish!

Things I Learned From PIMPETTE NIGHT:

  1. Warm Delights Brownies only take water & a microwave...they're really friggin' good
  2. Pimpin' ain't easy
  3. I'm super-excited that Pink Pimpette's my future sis-in-law!

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