Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Is this an April Fool's Joke?

Warning, this is a VENT:

Seriously, there is nothing quite like good 'ole
Southern hospitality. I just got off the line with a Flower Company in Oregon that I'd never used before. They were not kind. In fact, over the course of events, the first lady told me that it was "too bad" that my expensive bouquet was undeliverable, but that they'd give me a discount on my next order. (Next order? yeah right!)

I asked what could be done to have the original order delivered.
Really? Is there anything a Manager could do?
Nothing, but why don't you talk to him.
Absolutely, hopefully we can get the flowers delivered.
Sure, you just try that.
(Is she really being mean to me over the phone? These flowers were even a sympathy bouquet for my friend's father's death!)

I speak to the Manager, and he has authority to re-ship the flowers. But he too, is a good bit rough in his "customer service delivery" and even cusses twice during the conversation. Wow- I do business mostly in the Southeast, but I travel quite often to Chicago, Texas, and Ohio... I always experience kindness. In fact, my old college boss went up to the
University of Oregon, so I know not everyone up there is a jerk. Perhaps just the flower people. They must've had a really bad Monday to take it out on a first-time customer (or maybe this was an April Fool's joke?)

They need to move
South...maybe that'll make 'em nicer.

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Mrs. Grizzle said...

Customer service is the worst! I think it is a nation wide thing...I've dealt with them all over (including the south) and rarely find someone who is nice or knows what they are doing.