Monday, March 22, 2010

Best Way To Peel A Potato

I'd seen this method before on a mass e-mail, the one with Dawn Wells from Gilligan's Island peeling an Idaho potato {HERE}

But while I was amazed at the ease of peeling, I hadn't tried it myself to see if it'd actually work.
So tonight I tried my hand at it {that white circle in the pot is my clay pot watcher which keeps the water from boiling over...pretty cool stocking stuffer Mom!}'

Oh and if you'd like to submit my kitchen in a contest for a major remodel, please be my guest! Those appliances are original to the home; 32-years old. And I've had good intentions on putting up a backsplash for the past 2.5 years. Don't get me started on those dated cabinets...

While you heat your water to a boil, score the potato around the center {just one cut line}
Dawn Wells suggests on the video to boil for 15 minutes; I was making mashed potatoes so 20-25 min for a whole potato worked better for me {it's a little longer cook time than if you had pre-peeled and cut up your potatoes}. If I were making potato salad, 15-20 min would be an appropriate boil time.
Prepare a bowl full of ice water.
Once your potatoes are finished boiling, remove them and immediately immerse them in the ice cold water.
The peeling will slide right off. No need to work hard at scrubbing and peeling your potatoes, it's an extremely easy way to get the peeling off!
We'll be having more mashed potatoes over at our household now that I know it's so simple to peel a potato. I'm going to try it with sweet potatoes next!


Tiffany Norris said...

Awesome! I hate peeling!

{Amanda} said...

Tiffany, it's sooo easy! I can't believe I've done it the hard way my entire life =)

Rebecca said...

Are you kidding me?? This is amazing!! Thanks for the tip!!

{Amanda} said...

Yay- glad the news is spreading =)

{Amanda} said...

PS Yes, this worked on sweet potatoes too!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!Excellent.!!That would surely help.!!Thanks for sharing it.!!I love smash potatoes.!!Nice post.

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