Saturday, March 13, 2010

Flowers Schmlowers

While my heart smiles with flowers in the house, I think I'm going to pass on the floral centerpiece and solve my Dining Room dilemma {although "dilemma" is a strong, overstated word} with a collection of grouped Ginger Jars on the table.
Think something a la:
It'd be an unexpected place in the sea of green and black, but I'd certainly not restrict the jar colors to blue and white.
I already have one in the room {the hidden corner}; this was my initial inspiration for the grouping.
Of course I have a hint of the jar shape on the living room buffet.
I like the idea of the ginger jar shapes, and having a mix of different colors and sizes as a fun collection on display. Here are some more inspiration photos:
Today while we're visiting Pink Pimpette and Baby S {oh and Brother too}, we'll also be very close to the shop where I found my Blue Willow {not original} ginger jar so I'm crossing my fingers that they'll have some more treasures finds!

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