Monday, March 15, 2010

These Boots Were Made For Walking

A college friend of mine now living in Alaska makes me appreciate even the coldest days in the South. I get frostbite just thinking of that Alaskan tundra {teasing!}...but honestly, despite the frigid temperatures almost year-round, she manages to stylishly and gracefully tote her two small children, manages her very own PR business, braves the wilderness, keeps a tidy home, AND all while wearing some of the cutest outfits. Her latest photos she's shared have her sporting a gorgeous pair of Fryes {and matching leather belt}.

While she's so far North and I'm so far South, I think we could certainly agree that Frye has a place in both time zones. Down here it makes me dream of sundresses, ponytails, picnics in the park...and tall boots.

Yep, I really enjoyed my cowgirl boots with dresses last year and I think it's high time I consider a Spring alternative to riding boots. Frye has some lovely offerings...some even with canvas.
Jane Braid
Cindy Piping
Ava Canvas

{Guess which pair this petite gal prefers? Contestant're the Winner!}


Full House said...

I'm not petite and I prefer those ones as well...good choice. Thanks for you comments today as it was fun to come back and check out your blog. Love the name.

{Amanda} said...

They're fantastic looking boots- I wasthisclose to getting some on {for only $120 too!} I'm going to wait a while to make sure it's not just shoe-envy...and then I'll purchase.

Think twice, purchase once =)