Monday, March 29, 2010

Family Weekend

Oh how I love my family!
I feel very blessed to have a phenomenal family. Family isn't tied through bloodlines nor is it kept together by default; Family is a love kinship...a bond sometimes brought together by circumstance but always kept together by choice. And while every family is dysfunctional {everyone is to some degree...some more than others}, our family love is unconditional and every member is connected through a lifetime of experience. Family goes deeper than even my best of friendships so it's a blessing when we're able to spend time together now that we're scattered throughout the States.

We spent the past weekend visiting my brother, Pink Pimpette & Baby S. Here's the baby cousins & parents:
And by some minor miracle, we were all able to be together in one place at one time well minus the youngest brother...that's why he doesn't get to be in the photo!

What a LOVELY weekend and great way to head into a busy week. Hope yours was wonderful too!

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