Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Perhaps One of the Greatest...

...Before and After Projects ever!

Baby M and I were visiting family this past weekend.

And Saturday night Grandadder got in town...Baby M was ecstatic!

Grandadder came bearing gifts.

BEHOLD...a plain piano bench found at a junk sale. Nothing fancy with a simple wood frame...

Seriously. My parents are creative woodworking geniuses. Mom designed the set, sourced the accessories, and painted while Dad did the production and figuring out how to make the knobs turn and things fit in-place. Together they created a phenomenal {and manly} play kitchen for Baby M. Mom found the hardware {real appliance knobs, some of them gratis from a local shop}, a metal bowl as a sink, a pipe out of the backsplash used as the faucet, plexiglass for a see-thru oven window, CDs as stove burners...I'm still in awe!
Baby M gave Grandadder a huge "Thank You" hug!
And Gigi helped him cook.
He even gave his new puppy a bath in the sink.
We can't wait to get this transported to our house!
Now I just have to make that chef's hat, apron, pot holder, and possibly a chalkboard... Oh yeah and we must have playfood and a bakeware set too!


Rachel said...

That is crazy!!!! How cool is that! You could have fooled me into believing that you bought that for $200 at a boutique. I love it! I cannot figure out how they did that from a piano!

Erin said...

That's amazing! When Mason becomes a world-reknowned chef, he'll have to name his restaurant after Gigi and Grandadder.

{Amanda} said...

Thanks! Rachel, I still have no idea how they made's a huge transformation! Erin, that was sweet...made my mom laugh =)

Tiffany Norris said...

That's so cool! I kinda want one. :P

{Amanda} said...

Thanks Tiff, I know- the play one is nicer than my real kitchen!

I'd much rather play cook than cook in real life anyhow {haha!}.

sharla@mylittlegems said...

OK I LOVE it! I made one from an old nighstand for my boys.
These are so fun and this one is great- first one I have seen from a piano bench :) here is the link:

Jill said...

what a transformation! It looks awesome.