Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cats and Dogs

No, this isn't a pet post. "Cats and Dogs" describes how badly the rain is pouring today. It started sometime last night, we have several Flash Flood Warnings, and it's continued on today without any signs of letting up.
I've lived at this house for 2.5 years and hadn't ever noticed the creek running through my backyard...until today. The water is just gushing down the ravine.
And up somewhat 50ft above that creek, in my SUNroom I stare at an ominous sky.
But despite the not-so-sunny days, I'm slowly adding layers to style and furnish my Sunroom . I found a $30 storage ottoman on clearance at Target {side table next to arm chair}. And placed some faux dogwood branches in a white pottery pitcher in the corner {gifted by Buckeye Belle}.And I changed out the old tiffany-style lamp for another one being used in my living room because I preferred the cream, linen shade.
I promise it's much prettier on a sunny day but I still love how my Starck Ghost Chair disappears =)
Project-wise, I still have those burlap curtains to make...
But at least last night I finally put some photos of Baby M on my desk.


ghost chair said...

i have a blog with a bunch of pictures with the ghost chairs outside blending into the background. i can't wait for spring to bring them back out for more. you are using the chair right, against a window so you can still see outside

{Amanda} said...

I hadn't even thought of how great the chairs would be outside- I can imagine it now for alfresco dining...lovely!

Tiffany Norris said...

I love it! I want to take a nap there--especially with the rainy background.