Friday, March 12, 2010

Sugar and Spice

Yes, Baby S is here!

Baby M and I will travel tonight to go see mommy Pink Pimpette and Baby over the weekend. I can hardly wait. Last night I decided I wanted to do something extra to welcome Baby S home. I've seen some very cute homemade ribbon wreaths and decided to try my hand at it. These tutorials {HERE} and {HERE} were great inspiration for Baby S's pink ring of ribbons.
  1. I purchased a wreath form and tons of ribbon {24 yards of the light pink & 6 yards of the hot pink paisley}. I found cheap indoor/outdoor ribbon at WalMart for $2 a spool.
  2. Cut 60- 16" strips of ribbon {for the baby wreath I preferred cutting on the diagonal}.
  3. Begin tying each strip of ribbon around the wreath, in a knot.
  4. Repeat until the wreath is filled and make sure to push the ribbon knots tightly together to hide the wreath form {no peeking white}.
  5. Cut one long piece of ribbon for hanging and loop to tie a knotted bow at the end. I then re-secured the bow at the wreath base.
  6. For a baby wreath, I took some scrapbook stickers and put Baby S's name and birthdate on the long bow's "tails".
  7. Hang, admire & Welcome Home Baby!

{3 spools of ribbon @ $2 each from WalMart & 1 wreath form from Hobby Lobby @ $4 TOTAL COST: $10 / PROJECT TIME: ~90 min}


Rachel said...

That is the cutest thing I've ever seen! Great job!!

The Farm said...

You totally amaze me!

{Amanda} said...

It's sooo easy- nothing fancy =)