Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Window Treatment

I was so very proud last week to have tackled the task of changing out my porch's post lights all by myself...with my small child confusingly looking at me from inside.
But there's been something I've been meaning to do for the past 2.5 years and finally I got around to doing it as my Tuesday midnight project {yeah, I wouldn't recommend too many of those}
Betty and her hubby had introduced me to Light Effects window film. An easy-to-apply glass film that you find at your local Home Depot or Lowe's.
So tonight I purchased 2 rolls {the come in 24"x36" packages and was $23 and some change per pack}

Measure twice and cut once. If you choose to apply a design, you may want to center and ensure you can have your pattern line up.
I decided I didn't want to pay another $24 for a 3rd package just to have the top arch line up so I made do with what I had.
Once you've cut your design, clean the window with Windex, then take a spray bottle {filled with a soapy water solution} and spray liberally over the window.
Remove the film's paper backing carefully and apply it to the window. It's actually not scary at all. The more soap solution, the easier it is to apply {you can glide the film into place}. Use the enclosed squeegee to squeeze out any bubbles.
A bit more private from the street view, but allows me to see who is at the front door from inside.


Rachel said...

Looks awesome! You did a great job and I'm so impressed you changed out the light fixtures!

{Amanda} said...

Oops Rachel, I probably should have clarified that one! I changed out the light bulbs only {haha!} all I did was unscrew a couple of places, take off the top part and replace the bulbs.

Definitely didn't install a new fixture. HOWEVER, I'm thinking I'd like to tackle some interior fixture changes on my own...I'm wanting to get rid of the fans in the guestroom & Mason's nursery. Just have to find some cool replacement fixtures first =)

Haven and Home said...

Cool, looks great!

{Amanda} said...

I should probably update this with new photos...but I'm too lazy.

I added a "lead" seam at the top where the design changes so it makes it more of a custom design. I'd highly reccommend this to anyone because for 46-buckaroos I've been able to have privacy in style.