Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bestest Friends

I am extraordinarily blessed to have incredible friends who love me deeply.

They have seen me through very tough times: a broken engagement 30-days before the Wedding; and severe heartbreak (actually this was a separate incident from the broken engagement)...

...as well as through very joyful times: like the broken engagement (haha- tricked ya earlier- this was a saving event where God was again protecting me. Praise God!); and me buying my first home (still can't believe this).

My bestest friend Jamie is a Kindred Spirit who miraculously loves me in a way that builds me up, supports and encourages me, and challenges me in my everyday walk with God (although, I must note, that I struggle with the "everyday" part and more often than not, this walk is more like a crawl, but you get what I mean...)

Yesterday, she wrote a beautiful post honoring my special day...I feel so honored.

Enough with the SAP!

What I really wanted to do was segue to this: Jamie Michele has amazing graphic design skills. She does it all: from invitations, to stationery, to newsletters and mailouts, to personalized calendars. Today I have to plug her latest Blog Design work: you're lookin' at it! Check out her Blog: The Grizzles

In real life, this girl is a combination of Martha Stewart - Candice Olsen - Swoozies. (yeah, in case you were wondering, that's like 3 major corporations all wrapped up in this one Chickadee)



Oh and I have to post a picture of my Birthday dress from last night...
O Happy Day! O Pretty Dress!

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Mrs. Grizzle said...

Aw, shucks...you make me blush!