Monday, May 12, 2008

You're Such a Beach

Two-hours before departure time, Pink Pimpette had to cancel our Beach Trip due to a family emergency. But all was not lost, as I was a little concerned with 4 things surrounding this particular trip:

  1. I love Pink Pimpette dearly and understood her need to be with family...glad she was able to attend to them! (plus I didn't have to admit to her that I hadn't actually even packed yet)
  2. Discretionary funds dwindling with...future travels; furniture purchases; my reconciliation with current fashions (upcoming blog on pretty little things).
  3. The weekend's weather forecast was very questionable- it was indeed overcast and dreary. Not so great for the Beach.
  4. The condition of my home when I'm away for a while. I still cannot believe how dirty the house magically gets (even when I'm not even here!) so it gave me a chance to think on this a little more...

So I thought on it...

Why does my home get dirty/messy/unorganized?
Why did I still not really clean said mess?

Well, if I had been cleaning all weekend, that would have kept me from constructing this very important theory:
I think there are messy, little, unkempt elves that appear when I'm traveling/sleeping/away and they invade my home and throw stuff around and encourage dust to settle everywhere. They also make my dishes and laundry pile up (sometimes together). They're the worst around my bathroom vanity and in my closet.

P.S. Where did those darn ants come from?

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