Friday, May 2, 2008

I Need Professional Help...In Writing and Dating!

Wow, didn't realize how many grammatical adn spellnig errors I make (ha-ha) until I go back to re-read some of the journals.

On another note, I also didn't realize how much Knight in Shining Armor's non-responsiveness was bugging me until I really thought about how much time/effort/thought went into that one single e-mail...and how he won't at least reply!
Am thinking maybe Knight in Shining Armor was peacock-like after all.
Stupid animals... Or maybe it's stupid girl for still dating animals.

Here's the referenced, well-thought-out and totally PC, e-mail:
Hey Knight in Shining Armor,

I need to apologize- I don't know what was wrong with me, but I was definitely not myself last week when we met and went to dinner. Dear Friend was great to arrange everything, and I think I was just nervous about the idea of a "set-up." Anyway, it was great meeting you- if you would ever be up for doing a coffee or drink thing one-on-one sometime, let me know... Dear Friend mentioned something about skiing this summer too, maybe I'll see you then.

Take care,
Gypsy Soul

Even with all the excuses in the world:
  • Maybe he never checks this e-mail account
  • OR maybe he's in some remote area of the world that's uncivilized (aka a place without Starbucks, mobile service, and especially Internet)
  • Perhaps he's not sure who I am and deleted without reading

You know what they say... HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU (insert ME)

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