Monday, May 12, 2008

Pretty Little Things to Pack

Old Winter Fashion Flubs
As I was sadly disappointed by the Fall / Winter Fashion Flubs of...
  • ...skinny jeans, esp. bunched around the ankles with high-heels
  • ...MC hammer pants
  • ...menswear that's too masculine, screams of androgynous a girlie-girl and like dressing as such
  • ...high-waisted skirts and pants (mostly because I have no torso anyway-no need to shorten it more)
  • ...the return of Uggs now cloaked in fur
  • ...tunic shirts worn as dresses, without leggings (note: I'm not anti-mini dresses; however, some of those tunics are definitely not meant to be worn as a dress)
Spring Emerged with Classic, Pretty Clothes!
Pretty Little Things Packed for my DC visit to Hess on the Hill:
Banana Republic Safari Dress & will have Guess woven leather heels with my JCrew gold sandals on hand in-case of excessive is DC.
Wal-Mart Dress on CLEARANCE (stick that one in your pocket!) & leopard-print flats. Will cinch with a white belt, top with a bohemian bangle, and throw on a white hobo bag.

JS Collections Cocktail Dress- couldn't find an Online picture, but it's an empire-waist, mid-calf length nude dress with a black, pleated overlay & clear/silver beading (3 inches thick under bust)...a gorgeous dress! AND my Manolos- black patent leather heels

TBA "Putzing-Around Outfit" will likely be something simple-classic like shorts, or white pants and a colorful halter

Also, my carry-on roller bag has officially been retired. As it's had much use and abuse, it was time to get another one. Note: I always buy the cheapest luggage because no matter what- even if always carried on- it will get ripped/marked/drenched/etc. during travel. It's inevitable.
Here's my super-cheap ($12) luggage & bag tag

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