Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Burn Baby Burn

Ouch-I'm just a tad bit sunburned...and it hurts!
(I don't fake 'n bake like Dear Friend. Notice my shiny, slightly pink face above)
Had a fantastic weekend at the lake with Dear Friend and I must add Dear Friend's parents were gracious hosts!

We had a wonderful mix of relaxing, enjoying good food and great company, and threw in several boat trips and a wave runner trek. But even with all the laziness, I also feel accomplished because I finally got up on the water skis consistently (just need to work on my balance now). It was just an easy Holiday weekend, which was nice for a change. No worries, no rushing, no pressure.

We just chilled.

And then getting back into town Monday night, my wonderful neighbors across the street had several families over for a cookout. It was a nice close to the Memorial Day weekend- again with good food and great company. I feel very blessed to have such hospitable neighbors.

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