Thursday, May 1, 2008

Project: Goodbye Frog

At what point is a girl to say "Goodbye" and close the door on a dating prospect?

AND that's not to say he can't be moved to the FRIEND Zone... but when is it time to just admit he's not the One? All these frogs and I'm still not convinced that they'll magically morph into
Prince Charming.
It's time to call a Frog a Frog.
I have this tendency to want to give everyone chance after chance after chance...and no, 77 times doesn't apply to my dating search. It ain't about forgiveness, it's about finding a helpmate. Someone to share the rest of your life with, who will serve and love God alongside you, who will have your babies/cook you dinner/clean the house (ohhh wait- is that the other way around?). On this, I get to be picky.

I have/am decidedly saying Goodbye to the following in 2008:

  • Ape ended over "How to Cook Asparagus"
  • Chameleon Yeah, he said "goodbye" to me...whatever...
  • Sick Manchild is really half the age of his Earth years. That and he's just so uncouth.
  • Super Fan is too much like a kid brother. Ewwwww!
  • Random Atlanta Guy calls/e-mails sporadically to see if I'm in town for a coffee. No, I'm not. And when I am, it's for business and I'm busy.
  • Adventure J lives in Hunstville anyway and has even more of a "gypsy soul" than I. Tough, flighty guy to catch. We might hit it off remotely, but we're just not able to connect in-person.
  • Flyin' "F"s is the extraordinarily successful and very ambitious pilot instructor; albeit he has the mouth of a sailor. Content not as bad as Sick Manchild, but definitely not a guy I'd want my parents to meet until he's washed his mouth superclean.

When is it time to just throw in the towel in dating?

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Mrs. Grizzle said...

I love reading these! It's like "Sex in the City" or should I say "Dating in the Ham"? Whatever you call it, it's very clever and witty. Watch out Vogue!