Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm Rewriting the Rules

Just two quick things that I'd like to report. And make sure you're sitting down for this- you're going to find it bizarrely incredible:

A) It's not my Birthday anymore so I can remain a Southern Lady and let you in on a little secret over the past three days: This afternoon, I realized that I inhaled an entire sheet cake all on my three days. No joke. I took a picture this morning to commemorate the "Happy" part right before I finished it off. I am not sure if I'm brave enough to post it because at that point I actually was HAPPY. Right now, I'm quite: FAT & HAPPY...but no longer on that sugar-high.

B) Last time I was in a hotel for non-business reasons was December 2006...and it was posh! But how sad is it that it's been 2+ years! For the next three weekends in a row I get to travel for leisure, no business whatsoever. WHAT WHAT?

  1. Tomorrow night my Pink Pimpette and I leave for the Beach to scout out wedding resources for her August Wedding. We're hoping that the sun will poke through the clouds either Saturday or Sunday, but at least we'll get some fresh seafood!
  2. Next weekend I'm flying to DC to visit my college friend Hess on the Hill. I booked my flight today and I'm actually taking a Vacay day on Friday for the touristy sightseeing stuff and then Saturday will be for the locals showing the hidden gems. Saturday night is a black-tie affair called Taste of the South. This promises to be a blast!
  3. Memorial Day Weekend Dear Friend invited me out to her family's lake home and I will likely pig out there as well...only in a bikini. So much for running again!
    Where are You going?

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